The Benefits of Cooperative Learning for ELL Students

The first thing to consider is the fact that cooperative learning is beneficial to all students, regardless of their classification or primary language. In fact, activities where the teacher uses conceptual strategies that promote ‘learning together’ or ‘group investigation’ are statistically proven to be superior to instructional design focused on working alone or working in

The importance of education in society

This article will first highlight the importance of education in society before deducing the purpose of education in society. The focus of this article will then be narrowed down, focusing on the primary purpose of Singapore education system. This article surveys the implementation of the policies in Singapore education, indicating the strengths of these policies.

The Merits And Demerits Of Each Philosophy Education Essay

Introduction: This essay will discuss two research philosophies. It starts by giving a brief account of each. Followed by a discussion on the preferred philosophy which will be adopted for the research project, i.e. social constructivism alongside post positivism In this discussion the merits and demerits of each philosophy, are given along side the research

Relationship Between Teacher And Students

Similarly according to Moloi et al. (as cited in Mtika & Gates, 2010), group work is one of the strategies that can be useful in student-centered approaches. It does not only help students to discuss and share ideas with each other, but it also helps to improve students’ understanding of some concepts and develop their

How race, gender and class may affect learning

Laguna Pueblo/Sioux feminist literary critic Paula Gunn Allen (1986) claims, “Westerners have for a long time discounted the importance of background” (p. 243). For Allen, understanding is filtered through context; the listener’s age, sex, gender, class, race, tribal affiliation – everything that makes an individual unique – play a role in how that individual listens