Nested transactions

Q1. Executing nested transactions requires some form of coordination. Explain what a coordinator should actually do? In order to make the answer to this question more solid and clear let me start wit a brief explanation on what actually is a nested transaction. Anested transaction is a new transaction begun within the scope of another

Importance Of ICT In Schools Education Essay

Abstract The study analyses the level of integration of the information and communication technology (ICT) in the secondary schools in Mauritius. Hence, to execute this task, surveys were conducted with the educators and students from the secondary schools of Mauritius through questionnaire. Nevertheless, the perceptions of the administrative personnel were neglected as due to a

How race, gender and class may affect learning

Laguna Pueblo/Sioux feminist literary critic Paula Gunn Allen (1986) claims, “Westerners have for a long time discounted the importance of background” (p. 243). For Allen, understanding is filtered through context; the listener’s age, sex, gender, class, race, tribal affiliation – everything that makes an individual unique – play a role in how that individual listens

Relationship Between Teacher And Students

Similarly according to Moloi et al. (as cited in Mtika & Gates, 2010), group work is one of the strategies that can be useful in student-centered approaches. It does not only help students to discuss and share ideas with each other, but it also helps to improve students’ understanding of some concepts and develop their

Factors that motivate people to go into school

This paper identifies some the motivating factors of selecting teaching as a career. An emailed questionnaire was conducted to identify the key factors on individual’s choice whether to be a teacher or not. A total of 100 questionnaires were sent out to ask “Why did you choose teaching as a career choice?” Sixty-Three men and

English KBSM Curriculum Specifications

In the introduction section of English KBSM Curriculum Specifications, it is mentioned that a small literature component has been added to the curriculum to enable learners to engage in wider reading of good works for enjoyment and for self-development. In addition, through the introduction of the literature component in the English language subject, students are